The Lange Team Resource Guide

Welcome to the amazing Southern Oregon Coast that we are so blessed to call home! We are so excited you are here and can’t wait to share the beauty this place has to offer.

Those coming to the Southern Oregon Coast embrace a more relaxed lifestyle where they leave the heavy traffic and smog behind. And despite the increase in popularity, Brookings is still considered an affordable place to live and the housing options have allowed just about everyone to find a home that matches their budget, needs and wants.

We created this resource guide for those interested in learning more about the area who are considering making it their home and also for those who have moved here and are in need of assistance getting acquainted with the area. Newcomers can learn about housing, schools, healthcare, dining, recreational activities and more, so they can get settled, connected, and establish their lives and enjoy all the Southern Coast lifestyle has to offer.

If you are considering a move to the Southern Oregon Coast, we are here to assist with the transition. While moving to a new area is exciting and brings new opportunities, we understand the challenges. For the out-of-town buyer, we offer the service of viewing properties, taking multiple photos and even video-conferencing in your absence. It is our goal to assist in all ways possible to ensure the final results are in your best interest.

Whether you’re thinking about moving here, or have just made the move, it’s safe to say that the Southern Oregon Coastal area is a thriving, desirable region, and might just be your own private paradise.

We live here because we love it here, and we’re in this business to help you get here too.


Michael and Jill Lange